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 System Summary 

 F250 is a specially designed fully automatic preform injection system. This machine adopts newly developed outward clamping structure which can achieve super-long clamping and ejector stroke. Clamping, injection, packing & ejection are all controlled by the servo proportional control system. Packing and valve have independent power supply; packing is synchronized with plasticizing which greatly reduces the cycle time meanwhile decreases the stress deformation of preform. This development fills the blanks of big PET bottle market. Now the big preform manufacture starts to enter fast-speed, high-efficiency and energy-saving age; it is of significant importance to the PET industry! 

 System Features 

F250 series injection system is specially designed for 2 to 5 gallon water barrel preform and oil barrel preform which can achieve fast-speed, high-efficiency and energy saving. The innovative outward toggle clamping structure and high capacity screw make it possible to produce the performs which are heavy, thick, long and with wide-neck. It is suitable for up to 12 cavity mold. The machine has the following features: 

*         Suitable for 2 to 5 gallon barrel preform with heavy weight, cavitations range from 6 to 12;

*         250 tons clamping force, wide tie bar space, super-long mold open and eject stroke;

*         Special design screw leads to high efficient plasticizing, shot volume reaches 5696g per shot; 

*         Fast & precision action control, packing is synchronized with plasticizing which highly shortens the cycle time;

*         Low molding stress guarantees the quality and perpendicularity of preform;

*         Automatic preform take-out robot and conveyor with vertical movement protects the preforms from falling and scratches.

*       Innovative outward clamping unit, which significantly increases clamping stroke and mold thickness space; reinforced thicker clamping platens, integrated with center strengthened connecting seat, can optimize parallel force of machine platen, and distribute even clamping force into mold to achieve high level in parallelism of mold closing and concentricity of preform, to avoid any preform quality problem with uneven preform wall thickness. Furthermore, 24cav 220g preform mold can be run with only 250 clamping tonnage;

*       Mold clamping movements are controlled by Rexroth proportional servo valve to ensure fast mold clamping and precise control of clamping stroke, which achieves superior low-pressure mold protection to prevent mold damage;

*       Preform ejection movements are driven by lengthened center-positioned cylinder, which is controlled by Rexroth proportional servo valve. It features long ejection stroke, fast and precise. It can be used for production with preform length as long as 400mm, which applies to wide range of application.

*        The machine applies to independent circulation of hydraulic oil exchange filter system. With three precision filters, it makes sure the good quality of oil and hydraulic components smooth performance.

*        High capacity packing mechanism is actuated by independent hydraulic circuit. This design enables the plasticizing and packing to synchronize without any interrupt. Synchronization dramatically reduces the cycle time for heavy preforms, as this type of preforms need much longer packing time. Independent cooling device for the packing ensures uninterrupted movements;

*       Cooling mechanism is configured with exclusive buffer accumulator; Rexroth pressure-proportional valves offer precise control over the packing process. This advanced packing set secures the preform quality, protects the mold and guarantees a longer mold service life;

*        Staffa motor, the best industrial branded motor from Britain is adopted to offer adequate and strong and stable driving force during plasticizing, which ensures homogenous quality melt for performs. Original imported hydraulic motor, coupled with stable and robust housing structure is a trustable reliability for longtime service of the system;

*       Injection motion, backed up by fortified enlarged injection cylinder, is controlled by Rexroth servo proportional valve. The injection pressure provides outstanding injection pressure up to 1120kgf/cm2 and injection speed up to 20g/cav*s.

*       Equipped with full-automatic 3-position take-out plate with cooling tubes extends post-mold cooling time, and achieves lower preform temperature before packing. At the same time, it equips with preform conveyor lift to avoid preform damages or scratches while dropping down;

*       Lightweight high-quality steel rotary guide rail adopts SEW Servo gear motor drive to ensure fast & reliable movements for preform pick-up and drop-down;

*       Becker vacuum pump is adopted to ensure long time loading without damaging pump life. 

 Main Technical Data 

 Maximun Cavitaion for Huayan Preform Mould 

 Dimensions for Huayan Preform Mould 

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