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The 5th generation (EcoSys Series) PP injection system is specially designed for PP preform with electrical plasticizing. Considering the feature of slow cooling and high shrinkage rate, this new machine adopts 4-position EOAT to achieve half cycle time compared with traditional machines. Meanwhile, energy saving could be 50% less than that. This new machine is the latest and best solution in China for the PP preform production which applies for high plasticizing capacity, high production capacity and high quality PP preform production.

  Main Features  

*        High degree automatic, compact & low labor cost;

*        Shorter cycle time, production capacity twice more than traditional machine;

*        Residence time reduced due to the decreasing cycle time, preform quality more reliable;

*        Injection, packing will be achieved by independent high thrust cylinder, preform dimension could be more stable;

*        Variable capacity pump and accumulator is key to realize faster reaction and movement; 

*        Energy saving of advance servo electronic plasticizing device could reach up to 35% compared with traditional design;  

*        Preform temperature could drop down to less than 55°C by 4 position EOAT & Air Cooling Station; 

*        Intelligent operation system, easy to operate and diagnose, remote control and upgrade are also available.

Platen is designed with special balanced structure. It applies four corner structure to concentrate force in the platen center; special design weakens the clamping force in the corner, realizing the reverse force in the platen force.

This innovative design can achieve high pressure injection but low-tonnage clamping;it ensures that the same clamping force is exerted to each cavity; a broader range of products processing can be realized.

Variable pump (Rexroth/350bar) and imported accumulators offer up to 180bar system pressure. Mold clamping and injection speed is 20% faster compared with the former systems. All the system movement and response time is greatly shortened. High system pressure offers wider applications scope as well. It meets the requirements of different preform injection molding systems, also the cycle time is reduced tremendously.

Siemens servo motor is adopted to drive the plasticizing screw. Backed up by advanced plasticizing-controlling technology, the screw rotation speed can be automatically adjusted according to the needed injection volume in the production. In each cycle the screw can continuously rotate for plasticizing, because of that, the PP melt and the barrel contact time is minimized. PP melt quality is improved dramatically this way. Meanwhile, 30% energy can be saved compared with hydraulic-driven systems. 

*        New screw, with multi-thread design, has the advantage of high plasticizing capacity. It effectively separates the melt and the unmelted material, and improves the plasticizing capacity. For a ∮120mm screw, the plasticizing capacity reaches 500kg/hr;

*        Professional mixing-phase screw can maximally lower the color difference. For the high-standard of the color consistency, one extra static color mixer mounted at the front part of the screw can be a good choice. The defect rate can be controlled under 0.01%;

*        The efficient screw rotates at low speed and low temperature, so the AA content and IV drop can be controlled at very low level. This benefits higher blowing efficiency and bottle anti-burst pressure.

*        Equipped with Siemens high speed servo motor,4-position take out plate with cooling tubes realizes the fast and precise preform transfer;

*        Preform discharging is done by vacuum sucking device. Multi-position cooljet mechanism is applied to achieve better cooling effect, which makes preform temperature low to avoid preform deformation and scratches when the performs drop;

*        EOAT is one piece made, so workload is reduced for adjusting dowel pins.This design helps fast EOAT replacement, and more flexible;

*        Load pressure of vacuum pump is detected and adjusted automatically, which ensures fast preform pick-up speed. 

 Main Technical Data  

 Maximum cavitation 

 Estimated Throughput and Energy Consumption 

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